We don’t have cable or satellite at our house, but we pick up a handful of the free local ‘antenna’ channels. Depending on the day and where I stand in the living room, they either come in or they don’t. (Which is okay, I’m rarely home enough or care to watch that much television but when I do, it’s frustrating!)

The scrambled signal is a really fascinating abstraction.


M*A*S*H Jeep scene


Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H


Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H


weird M*A*S*H shower scene


fireplace holiday channel


United Health Care commercial




Lady Gaga


Norman Reedus


Pamela, The Price is Right


addiction recovery commercial


Peg Bundy, Married with Children


Mike, Radio Flyer

An Inventory of Materials & Objects

An inventory of objects and materials



Materials that have been and will continue to be acted upon:

rusty wasp hive found inside a radiator
other wasp hive fragments
chemical patina covered spoons
childhood photos affected by molten aluminum
coyote fur graphite brushes
deer hide, bones, and blood
birch bark affected by molten iron
turtle shell crushed under 1,000 psi
other assorted turtle shells
canister of a 1958 roll of Kodak Plus-X
funeral dieffenbachia leaf
4×5 film box affected by molten aluminum
tree lichen
bronze slag
bronze dust
potato roots
copper slag
red iron oxide
salt solution
silver nitrate
handmade flax paper
victory brown wax
foundry bottom boards
expired Westinghouse No. 22 flash bulbs
skinned and mummified beaver tails
rendered & rancid deer tallow


Not Pictured



navigating the light of the moon

following the tree line

feeling through darkness

swaying off the ground



the weight of molten metal

sun rises and sets

a casket closing

hands with no more work

pressure points

breaking points

flesh into feast

flesh into ash

solo journeys

support structures





It’s been one hell of a year.


Warm End

The closing weekend of rifle season was in the 40s, a bit warm for hanging Jason’s second (lucky) deer so we set to processing it right away outside the cabin. We had no running water because the previous week’s cold snap froze the well pump underground so…. a case a bottled water a smooth hour later we had four legs and some trimmings rinsed and bagged to bring home. And a heart. So this makes just two deer for this year, but it’s two more than last year and with the disturbance of logging in our woods I’m pretty surprised and thankful.

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