Deer Hunting

I’ve been away deer hunting most weekends this September and November at our cabin near Emily, Minnesota. My dad and uncle started building the 600 square foot cabin almost twenty years ago, but my uncle owned the land well before that. Having enough venison in the freezer is important to my family… we make link sausage, summer sausage, ground burger, and cut steaks for fajitas and stew. It saves us a ton of money each year and helps avoid the factory farmed meat from the supermarket. My husband and I have spent hours upon hours upon days in the stand, but we came home empty handed! I still got to do a lot of shooting… with cameras instead. I took along my digital camera, 35mm, Toyo 4×5, and cell phone of course

Jason & Blade in the cabin:


Three views from ten feet off the ground


It was COLD (below zero windchills every morning).


So cold that my  HOT coffee froze after just a couple minutes


There was a beautiful sunset as we left the woods this Sunday night.


The neighbor gave us a doe that he shot, because we were the only ones with doe tags. (It’s a lottery system in our hunting zone). Jason’s mom is cooking the heart in a Thanksgiving dish tonight. Waste not, want not.



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