Papermaking at the New House

The new (old) house we bought has an unfinished basement with a floor drain and sloped floor, perfect for getting messy and making paper. The night before Thanksgiving, I soaked cotton linter as well as some flax pieces I had previously printed some black and white digital images on. I set up in the basement and started blending/grinding the pulp enough to fill my vat. Jason jumped in to help blend, wet the felts, and press sheets of paper.  (Little did we know, the floor drain doesn’t actually drain, but it was a nice thought….I am thankful for the Shop-Vac)



a little liquid incentive for the husband…

1471152_10103941595807340_1034052239_n 1459875_10103941595018920_760929204_n



I started with the cotton, which holds more water and is weaker than flax. I added some brewed black tea to the mix to take the edge off the bright blinding white. I finished by making a few sheets of flax from what I had of the photo test prints. It was fun to use up the fibers that I had lying around and to work in our new basement, but I definitely prefer the production papermaking I’ve been doing over at Cave Paper. They’ve got production-scale, real paper making beaters, moulds, and vats that I’ve been working with as an intern in exchange for paper and time for using their equipment. If you are interested at all in learning how to make paper or need a place to buy high quality hand formed sheets of paper, check out their website for more information. I highly recommend it!


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