Warm End

The closing weekend of rifle season was in the 40s, a bit warm for hanging Jason’s second (lucky) deer so we set to processing it right away outside the cabin. We had no running water because the previous week’s cold snap froze the well pump underground so…. a case a bottled water a smooth hour later we had four legs and some trimmings rinsed and bagged to bring home. And a heart. So this makes just two deer for this year, but it’s two more than last year and with the disturbance of logging in our woods I’m pretty surprised and thankful.

10624896_10105406435816220_5535001759586490783_n 10553520_10105412566749780_2493116185000119288_n 10425166_10105410392277440_3082636655625686322_n 10410768_10105412537643110_1943267382613640548_n 10410473_10105412537967460_2491761467660838754_n 1601211_10105410476887880_9175664771056704060_n 1526088_10105433471047400_8105720179321126641_n 1511133_10105412537727940_4393435990722928293_n

10644975_10105410105911320_7648866086040749200_n 10696379_10105412702487760_6145885448124859324_n


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