An Inventory of Materials & Objects

An inventory of objects and materials



Materials that have been and will continue to be acted upon:

rusty wasp hive found inside a radiator
other wasp hive fragments
chemical patina covered spoons
childhood photos affected by molten aluminum
coyote fur graphite brushes
deer hide, bones, and blood
birch bark affected by molten iron
turtle shell crushed under 1,000 psi
other assorted turtle shells
canister of a 1958 roll of Kodak Plus-X
funeral dieffenbachia leaf
4×5 film box affected by molten aluminum
tree lichen
bronze slag
bronze dust
potato roots
copper slag
red iron oxide
salt solution
silver nitrate
handmade flax paper
victory brown wax
foundry bottom boards
expired Westinghouse No. 22 flash bulbs
skinned and mummified beaver tails
rendered & rancid deer tallow



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