Not a Trophy, Just a Reminder (Franconia Hot Metal Residency)

Huge thanks to Franconia Sculpture Park, John Hock, Tamsie Ringler, and Araan Schmidt and the fellow Hot Metal Artists for their guidance and muscle!

White_7.26.15_008 White_7.26.15_010 White_8.3.15_000_DSC1610

_DSC1977 _DSC1979 _DSC1985 _DSC1386_DSC1387 White_7.28.15_01711813514_10153504732384929_1645814959436717445_n 11794234_10206286337189054_604398061833963338_o12091314_10106790943262200_1919951424034504464_o 12139913_10106790943391940_7637755498911596520_o

DSCN6506 DSCN6505 DSCN6511 DSCN6523 DSCN652520150905_145740


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